Living Off-Grid in a Tiny House Community Built by Self-Reliant Couple

Rachael and Cameron are exploring sustainable and affordable housing solutions on a 6-acre piece of land in Boone, NC with the help of their students. Their micro-community is completely off the grid with solar power, rainwater harvesting, composting toilets, and wood stoves. They have built 3 tiny homes so far, and in order to comply with local rules, all of the structures and cabins are temporary.

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The Future People

Tiny House Consultant

Rachael Van Dyke Art


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45 Replies to “Living Off-Grid in a Tiny House Community Built by Self-Reliant Couple”

  1. Exploring Alternatives
  2. sue zaple

    What a beautiful area to have your Tiny home community and nice way to live for sure even with some ups and downs , I myself would love it . love everything about the main home with all the windows the view is gorgeous , you can certainly learn what you can do with out and what you actually need to be to survive loved this

  3. Line Up The Stars

    Absolutely amazing! Love that they are sharing this with their students and now the rest of the world through this video. It's incredible to see how much can be done off grid!

  4. Lotus

    I couldn't love this any more..for those that love living as close to nature as we can, this is the dream. A fine balance of ease and effort, both physically and mentally.

  5. Heavenly-Dreams Dairy Goats

    Great video, Happy Valentine's Day to eveyone. I'm waiting on a doe that is in labor, yep Valentine's baby goats to be Born. Thank you for sharing. God Bless till next time.

  6. Jim O'Connor

    I wondered where all the hippies/alt lifestyle folks ended up. Even though I pursued a different venue, I never diminished or demeaned other paths. What you are doing in & for the environment and the youth (our future) is admired greatly by this crusty old retired combat arms soldier. I can only hope that what you have done for 30 years does more for humanity than my 30 years.

  7. Linda W.

    Let's hope localities will come around to more permanent allowed structures outside of current codes.
    Thanks for some great ideas for tiny space living.

  8. Mustafa Abdul Nur Al Faqir

    I'm trying to do this to save my family from poverty and the metaverse; my elderly parents, sister and our children. Most High Willing. I'm not sure where or how. Any help or encouragement is appreciated.

  9. Mustafa Abdul Nur Al Faqir

    It would help if you explain how you are off grid in an area that doesnt allow it. What do you do that goes around it besides temporary dwellings?

  10. Coleen Goodell

    This truly warms my heart. I hope that more people will see this and be inspired to live on this planet in a sustainable way. For far too long our society has embraced a more, more, more, mentality. Bigger housing, more stuff, bigger vehicles, consume, consume, consume. It's not only unsustainable, but also emotionally unhealthy and of course environmentally damaging.

  11. Rage.ModelsInc

    This episode was absolutely Sublime!!! adore what they are doing ( it's super challenging) but thier Location is absolutely mindblowing !!! North Americans are truly blessed with thier vast land mass filled with Forests !!! Moving Forward this is the only way of living so healthy !!!!

  12. Laura Cornwell

    We care for a disabled Veteran. We couldn't live in these homes. So many homeless people are elderly and disabled. Affordable housing for the elderly would be better built single story. This is not a really sustainable place. I lived in a thriving communal community once. It is no longer. There were over four hundred residents. I love these ideas, but the reality of sustainable future communities is far from a reality as of 2022.

  13. Jason Beedon

    One of the great resources in this video are the students. They are young, hardworking, smart, and teachable.

  14. Old Doug

    Gotta love it. Now "rich" = "self-reliant"? We all are "self-reliant." Not to put too fine a point on it, you really mean rich enough to do what they feel like doing.

  15. Linda Thompson

    Just ran onto this today. You have some cool ideas!! Wonder if you've heard of the Solar Living Institute (SLI) in Hopland, CA about 90 mi North of San Francisco? It's on learning about Sustainable Living. They have examples of Cobb Structures, Straw Bale, Yurts, Permaculture and a Huge Solar Grid. They have workshops, and a big festival in the Fall. Makes me wish I was a lot younger. This looks like fun!!

  16. Ria Swift

    Boy if this speaks to you…it really speaks to you. I'd love to find a small space like this for myself to live and work in; immersed in nature where all things are simple. The work will keep you fit for life.

  17. Margo Burns

    Great video! Love that students are getting such a great opportunity to explore this lifestyle. I was well into my 40's before I realized it is possible.

  18. Changing Things

    Firewood wall, firewood wall plus roof makes quad shed. Hmmm. This should work for a small tractor as well. 👍

  19. lamp man

    Incredible! At the end Rachel said "I like living simply and I like living simply outdoors"…..perfectly sums up my attitude. Thanks for the inspiration.

  20. Ben Sandow

    I think it’s so awesome that I can live here for little to nothing & that it’s such a social environment

  21. jocelyne langis

    These people are the perfect representation of housing considerations for a ver close futur. They include students who share their target and they share a strong knowledge of possible alternatives, not only fir housing, but also for a simplistic way of living. Of course rough winter like we have in Canada might bring harder work and a lot more challenges. I figure it is The solution for a very interesting way of life married with nature.
    Thanks so much for this video folks!
    Waiting for the next one!

  22. Levi O'Rourke

    Students building furniture and design and teachers of art an furniture design. And y’all paid for a steel tool box to use instead of make a desk of drawers to do that an it be green and organic. Not the carbon foot print of that tool box an metal refining paints being made chemicals burned off. Why not keep building

  23. Finn Del Mundo

    What an incredible little community!! Feeling very inspired💪! Well done in achieving such a sustainable lifestyle.

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