Pro Diver & Amputee Athlete Living on a Sailboat & Following Their Dreams

Kayleen and Tyler are a seriously adventurous couple on a mission: they bought a 1981 42′ Tartan sailboat and they’re living on it while also refitting it for a multi-year sailing adventure to Mexico and possibly on to the South Pacific after that.

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Kayleen changed careers from marketing to commercial diving so that she could work wherever they’re sailinh, and Tyler is a World Champion Para Snowboarder who’s about to compete at the 2022 Paralympics in Beijing, and in the summer he’s a skydiving instructor.

We loved getting to spend an afternoon with these two, and we hope you enjoy learning more about their story, their choice of boat, and all of the fun they have exploring. But they also don’t sugarcoat the many challenges that come with living and travelling on a sailboat: winter storms, ice boxes, and expensive repairs, not to mention accessibility challenges for Tyler who’s a bilateral below the knee amputee.

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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Kayleen and Tyler of All About Spray

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28 Replies to “Pro Diver & Amputee Athlete Living on a Sailboat & Following Their Dreams”

  1. Kevin Wells

    Love them. Anyone trying to make a living at sea, on YouTube or otherwise, is really a difficult thing to do I'm sure. I'll follow these guys now as well, but mainly to see what other adventures they do, because they cannot sail as often as they'd like to right now. My hat's off to Tyler, not because of his obvious challenges, but mostly because his attitude is so great towards life. I wish them both the best.

  2. André

    I love boats and I love "unusual" people, like ME! So I only wish the best to this fantastic couple! Be wild, be crazy, be what normal people are not: be FREE!!

  3. Slim & Soph - Sailing Nakama

    Nice one guys! Can't wait for you guys to start heading south and giving us that Mexican goodness 🙌

  4. Reel Happy Travellers

    I just want to say wow. this is some great editing.Being around you is like being on a happy little vacation. Congratulations on such an amazing achievement, Good job.

  5. Cindy Ritmeester

    I think the title of this video should be: "Pro-diver and kick-ass athlete …""! The dog seems like a good crew member as well, very laid-back :>)

  6. Off Grid With The Udens

    So so refreshing to see more and more people following their dreams rather than always thinking they are unreachable! 😍

  7. Age of Reason

    Duuuuude! Get an electric unicycle with a seat on it! It is the smallest, best bang-for-your-buck EV solution. Look into a Begode (formerly Gotway) or a KingSong. Get an 18" or larger wheel. It will change your life.

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