Beautiful ULTRA SMALL 16ft Tiny House Tour

We’re touring an ultra-tiny tiny house with a classic floorplan that manages to fit all the essentials onto a super-compact 16′ trailer. This is The Thistle model and it was built by Summit Tiny Homes in Vernon, BC. It has a lot of charm with a gable roof and cedar shake siding, and a cozy farmhouse-style interior design.

You can follow Summit Tiny Homes here:

This tiny house has a storage bench and an electric fireplace, a combo washer-dryer, a galley kitchen, a beautiful bright bathroom, a storage staircase, and a loft with extra headroom and a railing.

We loved getting to check out this tiny house and are glad we finally got to meet the Summit team and visit their workshop where all the magic happens.

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle




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Mat and Danielle of Exploring Alternatives

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Summit Tiny Homes

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48 Replies to “Beautiful ULTRA SMALL 16ft Tiny House Tour”

  1. Nathan Rice

    I'd like to see a little more details about how power/water/sewage are done on these things. Also, they should really put a hand rail on the stairs.

  2. Maggie’s Cat

    I’m always amazed at how much amenities they can put in such a small space. It looks luxurious, spacious and I love the interior/exterior of the Thistle!

  3. The Coyote & The Stag

    I watch this space to stay motivated in life to not end up in a tiny house. Gotta work harder and be comfortable in life. Nor die of claustrophobia. Just my opinion.

  4. R. S.

    This will be bought by some rich person, they’ll put it some “scenic” spot on some land they own, and put up on Airbnb within a month.

  5. Emily Fuller

    This is really cute and true to the size and function of a tiny house, however the price of $65k+ defeats the purpose IMO. Thanks for sharing though.

  6. Linda Martin

    Nice video 👍. Lovely, functional rolling home but….stair railing or hand holds would be marvelous. Thank you.

  7. J. Joy

    Beuatiful ultra-luxurious glamping trailer, perhaps? Looks like a great place for a hot shower and comfy bed after a day of hiking and cooking out. But it would not be a good home, at all – no stove, very little storage, and the built in seating looks very uncomfortable. For any use, I'd leave out the bench and use a chair or two.

  8. Janina Fisher

    Very well designed. The one thing I didn't see was space for clothing storage, unless you were going to put that under the bed. It is small and compact, with very little storage for outdoor activities or art and crafts, which might require some sort of outdoor shed, but this is the best "tiny" tiny that I have seen.👍👍

  9. jocelyne langis

    In this range of limited space this tiny house is so well organized. Love the toilet and the shower. The fireplace is also very inviting a perfect set up to spend my next long vacation. Talking of the stairs I definitely suggest a big rope
    Something to handle if you have to go downstairs at night don’t you think so ?
    Thanks again Exploring we keep in touch.

  10. Doug Mcdonell

    This version needs a major electrical service and septic connection, permits might be hard to come by

  11. Titan Beal

    While I appreciate seeing crazy houses like this. It is just not the same as seeing someone's actual home, the home they live in everyday. They have such crazy stories and awesome homes. This type of video almost seems out of place.

  12. SimplyRickeeta

    Yes! I want to see more of the "real" tiny houses that I originally fell in love with YEARS ago. 😍

  13. Sarah Conrad

    A couch without a back cushion is not comfortable. Pillows aren't a good substitute because they shift whenever you move.

  14. Australian Woman

    I absolutely love it! But mindful of the weight all that beautiful wood will add up to. Adding to the cost of towing long term. (Although most will only transport it once to position it hopefully?)

  15. Le. C.


    Way to small…no place to put any clothes , dishes or food storage…..3 tiny draws is not enough…but it is better than sleeping in your car I guess

  16. Kelle Arvay

    Beautiful work! I love the well thought out layout on this one. For personal preferences I would add a second window in the loft for cross ventilation and more light. The second thing would be to opt to exchange the microwave and dorm fridge for an apartment size fridge in that space instead if possible. Otherwise, I love everything about this tiny!

  17. Theweatheris Aokay

    Lovely design, the layout is just brilliant. All the wood surface gives a cozy feelings. Small yet enough for everything.

  18. Maura

    What is that stair about? One must have in mind he won't be 30 yo forever and even at this age, if anything happens to his legs, feet or knees, he will never make it to his bed.

  19. Lowlife Chris

    That’s not a game changer that’s tiny AF we need room for our food,water, clothes and all the day to day things this is a hotel room.

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