Week In My Life: I'm Moving!

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A week in my life living in Seattle. In this vlog I try to take a break as I have been very go, go, go lately! In trying to get to the bottom of what I need to be successful and happier, I have realized I really miss living at my house. I never really announced it, but ever since my boyfriend and I got together we have been pretty much attached at the hip. Since he had recently bought his house, it made the most sense to just stay at his. But now that the rental market has gone up and we feel comfortable with it- we are moving over to my house! It might not feel like a big change to you guys.. but it is to me. More fun updates to come including renovations and a little refresh in redecorating!

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35 Replies to “Week In My Life: I'm Moving!”

  1. Hoodwink

    I buying a new phone cause I cracked mine…….

    Yo thats just a minor crack and shes getting a new phone?!

    Man I wish I am earning USD, cries in Malaysian Ringgit 🙁

  2. Vinamae

    Monica, it seems like it's so hard to get an offer on an FHA loan accepted. Do you have any tips on how to make an offer pretty good? I live in Spokane WA.

  3. Gayle Elliott

    I really like the concept of pairing books and wines. I’ll take The House Guest paired with Fat Bastard. 😂

  4. Karyn Underhill

    Don’t move back until after you remodel!!!!! Very messy! Unless you need a break from your boyfriend.

  5. Annie Banana

    Love you and your vlogs and sorry for being an a-hole but if you can, please get a seatbelt for Cow. Perhaps you had one that I didn't see but it's pretty important to make sure little sweet Cow stays safe 💗

  6. you tuber

    What was the beeping in the elevator? Was it overloaded with just 1 person? Does Monica have really dense heavy bones?

  7. Moonica

    Oliver is so cute while you we're talking in the car and he tried to listen and then fell asleep, so cute ☺️

  8. Milla Katarina - Travel & Side Hustles

    The quality of you new iphone is amazing! I think it works great for vlogging. And moving in together officially is exiting!!

  9. Christina Bukowski

    Ooo I love the idea of a Reno, you could diy the cabinets and take off that frame on them to make them all flush and sand them all and make it all white so it is seamless, I however have no clue where you’d even begin to do that or if you can take the “frames” off (idk what they are called😂)
    Anyways I wish you luck!!

  10. T G

    Monicaaa this is not the right way to serve Shakshuka! you have to try it again in a traditional place or so and you'll love it even better!

  11. سنابات المشاهير

    In few months you were super happy and now you are getting yourself stressed you know why? Cause you got a boy into your life🙃 this is the price of relationships
    Just trying to be honest 😘

  12. Frank mendy

    Nice video.Despite the economic downturn,I'm so happy☺️. I have been earning $ 60,000 returns from my $7,000 investment every 13days

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