Brussels Travel Guide

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Brussels! We’re back with the Attaché “Classic” format for this one. Brussels, an unappreciated city on so many levels, this Belgian capital has so much to offer. Great food like frites, Belgian waffles, and of course Belgian beer, but also Brussels is home to amazing architecture, a solid public transport system, and layers and layers of fascination.

We take a deep dive in Belgium’s political centre and put some of those long-standing Brussels stereotypes to bed.

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30 Replies to “Brussels Travel Guide”

  1. Attaché

    Check out Carl Friedrik's “Carry-on Pro” here:
    Your dedicated discount code, which gives 15% off to your followers on all CF products is: ATTACHE15 (valid for one month from video release date)

  2. Ellary Rose

    It's always a great day when Attaché releases a new video! Glad to see Brussels getting some love. I hope to see you go to Tbilisi, Georgia one day! 🇬🇪 I moved here several months ago and it's such a beautiful, underrated city.

  3. Dylan Di Filippo

    I’m a Belgian living in Brussels and your video is on point. Thanks! 🙏🏻
    The only thing I’d say is, please, tourist (or anyone), when getting fries in Belgium… never pick mustard. You have dozens of sauces to choose from, please don’t ruin your fries. 🍟
    It broke my Belgian heart when I saw this 😂😂😂

  4. Karen Livecchia

    The “I” stands for Ian, am I right? 😉 Seriously, though, another informative episode—keep ‘em coming! 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻

  5. Chike Onye Stocks

    Dearie Alex Ya intro is always a sweetheart to me and this city you just got here is one of my Favourite in the Ancient Continent. Big ups✌️✌️💓💖

  6. U G

    Do it again for Copenhagen 🙏🏻😔✨
    It has changed a lot I guess!
    We love Copenhagen and would love to see more of it🌈❤️❤️❤️

  7. Pablo

    YES! I'm so glad we're getting informative videos again. I liked the new videos, but all the info about what it's actually like to travel there feels WAY more like traveling to me, and much more unique to Attache than any other travel show.

  8. Es Jay

    Yes! I love the old format. It's enjoyable and helps a lot. You guys always manage to inform us on the culture as well. Thank you again!

  9. dxwwf3

    I almost shed a tear when the video started at the airport and you started talking about transportation options! I love the original format of the show. This is wonderful!

  10. RonanV

    I answered you on Twitter when you asked for tips on Brussels. Glad to see you took some of my recommendations into account. Hope you had a great time. Indeed, Brussels, and Belgium as a whole, is underrated.

  11. 26DaysToWorkWith

    A classic Attaché vid! Agree that Belgium seems to be underrated, not talked about, maybe because it's not glitzy and glamorous. In terms of feel, walking around reminded me a lot of downtown Houston for some reason. Had some of the most incredible, simple but complex food there and as far as beer goes, wish you would've tried Cantillon for lambic brews…maybe next time 😉

  12. Highollow

    Putting mustard is a really really strange sauce to put on your fries in Belgium! I would recommend: mayonnaise (yes), samurai if you like spicy, andalouse or cocktail!

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