We Walked on A Frozen Lake | Winter Spiti | February, 2022 | Travel Vlog | EP – 3

In this vlog, I’m going to take you to Tabo from Nako.
Walking on frozen Nako Lake was one of a kind experience. On the way to Tabo we crossed Maling Naala and decided to spend the night at a homestay in Tabo where we met Schechit bhai who is a Khokpo player.
Khokpo is a rare instrument played in Spiti.
We spent a day recording his song which I will definitely share in the next vlog in detail.

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35 Replies to “We Walked on A Frozen Lake | Winter Spiti | February, 2022 | Travel Vlog | EP – 3”

  1. Avishi Gupta

    WARNING for all viewers: You can’t miss even one second of the introduction. Else you’l lose on a special sight. I feel. 👌👀

    So many moments in this vlog where I had to pause to let it sink in. Especially letting a local play their traditional music instrument. ❤️👏

  2. (ᘜᑌᖇᐯᗴᗴᖇ ՏIᑎᘜᕼ)

    Bro i realy wanna be there😍kitna cost aata hai trip kaa jugaad kru fir me trip ka🤣

  3. Srishti's Rising Life

    Uff uff👌😍 This channel deserves so so sooooo much love and support.
    Hats of to the hardwork the whole team puts in.

  4. Debolina Chatterjee

    Ahhaaa!!What an episode…top notch introduction and end is brilliant to hear..😍🥰🥰😇😇waiting for episode 4..and you guys are just rocking..looks like best buddies and good travellers for trip..🤗😇😍❤❤Please like,comment and subscribe this channel guys as it takes courage and effort to make these type of vlogs

  5. The Passive Mind

    Thank you bhai, hume jeete jeete heaven ki ghumai karane ke liye. Sach bolun I importantly watch your videos for your commentary.

  6. Altamash ali

    Bade bhai 3 din s w8 kr rha hu..next vlog ka… mashwara h bhai…jldi daala.kre vlogs daily nhi daal skte ek chor kr hi sahi …tbhi success milega aapko…ache vlogs h aapke but aise w8 na kraaya kre

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