Moving & What Happened To My Roomates?

Todays video is a weekly vlog starting off with a quick trip to palm springs, getting more into golf, starting the move and addressing whats going on with my roommates!
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33 Replies to “Moving & What Happened To My Roomates?”

  1. LivingTheDream

    We need a video on how did you met Jason 😍 Was it love at first sight? Did you loved his dog better than him initially? We wanna know 😀

  2. Reidun Ellison

    Monica— in thought of you being tired after an early night, I just learned that since women are on a 28 day cycle (vs men being 24hr- testosterone depletes throughout the day) we actually have more energy during certain weeks of our cycle! So on those one-two where I have less energy I make sure to rest more, be alone and do self care vs on my ovulation week I feel ready to do hard work/high energy tasks, socialize etc!
    It’s quite handy to keep in mind when planning out your month week by week!

  3. Kateri Wozny

    Ok so Im confused. Are you and Jason living at both of your houses on different weeks or permanently back at your place?

  4. Nizama Kolašinac

    I really like your new style of filming and editing, those little scenes make video beautiful!! Good job! 🧡

  5. Rocío López

    The 'owning a coat for 2 years and never cutting the pockets open' thing was painfully relatable hahaha

  6. Julia Goldmann

    I was watching your old vlogs (always do that because it’s like a tv show for me) and it’s always so fresh to see you so happy! You look actually glowing, it’s so refreshing to see that!

  7. Stefanie Bowers

    I love how happy Oliver is to see you! And I love the "Clean" 110 score. I am so happy that I learned the rules for golf. I hate it when people you play with claim they shot a 90 and you are like Ok cheater. 🙂

  8. J A

    Do you know, I’m going through this phase where I would have absolutely no problem donating half my stuff to goodwill. Like I promise I’m not a hoarder but somehow I feel like I have way too much crap

  9. Ellen Long

    I am much older than your typical subscribers (60s), but in my 20s my mom said to never cut the pockets on coats and pants – it ruins the “lines” and you then they get stretched out when you put your hands in them. I still do it, unless they are casual pants, I need to put things in my pockets!

  10. Vinamae

    Monica, can you do a video on how to make like different loan types competitive when making an offer? I currently have FHA loan – I live in Washington and it's SOOOOOOOOOO crazy here. Some listings won't even consider FHA. It's nuts.

  11. Sam S

    I love your videos Monica. You’re like if a Pinterest board took human form; everything is so cool, detailed yet effortlessly chic. I know obviously your life isn’t perfect, there is things we don’t see but what we do see is hella impressive. I love how you cultivated your own space that is very you and nothing ever feels forced or fake. Other YouTubers could learn a lot from you, you have the perfect balance between relatable and aspirational. Something that got lost by most on here around 2014

  12. Kaitlyn Reiss

    I love this vlog!! I started golfing recently so you should do a video about how you learned and tips please!!

  13. j26

    I think having strangers in my house/AirBnb would annoy me because I'd want it to myself all the time! But at the same time it's kinda what I want to do in the future.

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