The Freedom Convoy in Ottawa Canada has been one of the most polarizing topics in Canadian history and so I decided to fly out to our nations capital to see why truck drivers had blocked the roads to parliament for nearly 3 weeks. What I saw here was nothing like what I had heard about on the 6 o’clock news…

This is easily the most challenging video I’ve made yet and while it’s not a perfect piece, I hope it helps do one thing we have lacked over the last 2 years and that is encouraging constructive conversation. Let us never stop defending the rights of our allies and our opposition.

Thank you to the epic people that made this mini-doc possible
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  1. Jen Mar

    I never heard you speak about Black Lives Matter and oppression of black people or people of color. I never heard you say a thing against Israel. Palestinians are fighting for there freedom.

    Have you heard of black people in Ukraine being racially abused at the border?

    Your lily white privilege is showing, young man.

  2. wheels and tales

    It takes balls the size of celestial objects to be a creator and take a stand like this during these times! Respect respect and more respect!

  3. Jeremy Freedom

    Very well done video, and mad respect for standing up for what's right. Justin Trudeau is killing democracy, plain and simple. One doesn't have to agree with the protesters to respect their constitutional right to protest, work, and have access to their bank accounts. Shame on Trudeau and his gang for dismantling democracy and liberty, and I hope they face justice.

    And respect to you for making this video. I think too often people with a voice abstain from talking about injustice out of fear of it affecting their $$$. You did the right thing, and did it very well. Looking forward to more videos of this nature.

  4. Musica Rilassante #Relax

    In Italy they spoked about what's happening in Canada after maybe 10 days and only for about 30 seconds in the news and that was it…..

  5. Ingrida

    Why this arrogant, selfish man still a prime minister?
    He perfectly shows, that this government does not serve to the people, this government wants to rule the people.

  6. Julian Shares

    Its clear for me, we cant change the matrix especially if so many people complyed, only a massive boycott would help in not participating.

  7. Nella Gallo

    This issue is nuanced. Most of the people clogging up hospital resources due to COVID are the unvaccinated. Canadians cannot get the medical care they need because medical staff are exhausted from those affected by COVID. That is a fact.
    I dont believe in putting unnecessary chemicals in my body but you have to follow science when COVID is literally killing people. People in Canada are extremely privileged to have access to the best vaccines in the world and I wish people would go to the third world and put themselves in the shoes of the underprivileged.
    Also, dont get it twisted – this protest was not truly multiracial. I think the only POC I saw in your whole video were the people you highlighted when you said it 👀
    There are certain aspects of the pandemic protocols that I dont agree with, but I think the government is acting in the best interests of the majority of nation to achieve the greater good.
    I dont think you have explored all the relevant facts in this video, and I do believe in getting independent views out into the ether, but I think you have whitewashed the issues here.

  8. Mike Briggs

    I hope this goes viral Christian, every Canadian needs to know how dangerous our current government is. Thank you

  9. Will Lyons

    Great job Christian! I hope someone does an academic study on Twitter's effects on the political and chattering classes. The destructive echo chambers simply reinforce a one sided and often mistaken view of the world. Canada and the USA are amazing countries, and yes freedom really does have to be fought for. But fighting for due process? I never thought we'd all have to fight for that. Great job, because you could have just stayed silent. (Consider doing a smaller edit for those with shorter attention spans). In the UK we shied away from mandates and Covid "passports" for restaurants and the like, so our democracy held.

    With Canada and NZ, the new illiberal "liberals", seem to want as much power as possible because they believe they're the ones in the right. What I don't get is the Left who are supposedly on the side of the working class, were happy to condemn large swathes of the population to lock downs, visiting restrictions and more, while they sat in their nice gardens in the suburbs, binging on Amazon and Netflix. We need the left and right and politics, but this "new" Left is something weird and much darker.

  10. Traveling Eddie

    😎👍🏻🍀 for showing a different angle to the story. Their voices are being heard. Freedom of speech and assembly are being mauled.

  11. Danny DK

    I usually never comment on yt Videos, but I’m really thankful that you’ve spoken up about that injustice.

    Greetings from Germany.

  12. 森田. Morita淳一郎 Junichiro

    Foolson finance🌏fakers the WORLD📊👈🏻   Where did the 20-year profit disappear?digital champion MJB☕️ what going on 🌏🤔

  13. Ambervlogs

    are you joking im sorry freedom of rights are not taking away , its privilege's to go into restaurant an events , plus the mandates have been removed , second of all this was not peaceful protest at all one bit . honking a horn 24 hours of the night is not peaceful .

  14. Kev Tan

    If Aliens attack us 1 day. There will be a good part of humans that will side with the aliens in the name of democracy.

  15. Kirsten Anderson

    I have never been more disappointed to say I am Canadian than I have been over the past two years. We have done so poorly to each other. Thank you for this video, you word it so well.

  16. The Written Nomad

    Thank you for using your platform and voice to speak about what's been going on here in a fair, objective way. It's been an insane time in Canada and I can only hope for a better future with unbiased media and politicians who aren't… well, I don't need to say more. Thanks again for this video.

  17. Amo Libertad

    "The price of liberty is eternal vigilance" said Thomas Jefferson. Thank you for standing up for those who are silenced. Well done, sir!

  18. kory haggert

    As a Canadian i am disgusted with your position. These truckers exercised their freedom to protest lack of freedom? They attempted to stage a coup on Parliament, seditiously asking for newly re-elected Prime Minister Trudeau to resign!!! Truckers crossed over from protest and sedition to occupation and harassment. Sorry Christian but you're on the wrong side of history. Emergency act is long over, mandates have finished yet these truckers are still here honking in downtown Calgary

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