i took myself on a date in nyc | met museum, central park, book stores

hi friends, let’s go on a date! figured i’d spend a day out and about taking myself to some of my favorite spots and enjoying my own company ♥ thanks to today’s sponsor:

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43 Replies to “i took myself on a date in nyc | met museum, central park, book stores”

  1. Rachel Edwards

    I needed to hear this. Im probably old enough to be your mom at 50 and I needed to see this vlog. I am always doing for my family and I forget about me, and who I am and what makes me feel whole. It's so important to center and love and know thine self in order to love everything around you. Thanks girl.

  2. Reyman Chaudhry

    Heyy, idk but i just feel super happy for you to be saying all this, taking over your independent self is cute and for some reason it just feels so personal. More power and loads of lovee🤍

  3. erietta k

    Dont know if and when you feel confortable talking about it but I would LOVE a video about how to navigate a break up in your mid 20s 💔🩹

  4. Sarah Clark

    I'm glad your ok Elena, New York is seriously dangerous right now, with stabbings that happened the other day at the Met museum. Also homeless people getting randomly stabbed. So be careful. Also beautiful video, like always.

  5. Solmaz Sali

    ahh i love this video!! this past year i started going to bars/restaurants alone and getting over my fear of being judged, the next step is having the courage of traveling alone and watching your travel vlogs is a great motivation

  6. lenny stewart

    This is the first video I’ve ever seen of you and I love you’re vibe and editing style! I def want to take myself on a date now!

  7. Kartier Supreme White

    The Best Person To Love is Yourself!! Don’t wait on anyone to love You!! Loving Yourself is PRICELESS. TREAT YOURSELF TO THE HIGHEST LEVEL.

  8. Shiloh in the City

    This is such a great idea! Would it be okay with you if I did my own take of it on my blog? Full credit to you for the idea, of course! 🙏🏾

  9. Angela Leigh

    I loved this so much! I am married with two kids, but I still take myself on dates (when I get the chance) simply because I am still content with being my own company. I think it's so important to be able to be with yourself and to be independent even when you get older and perhaps find a partner.

  10. Sharlina Keshava

    Noticing that you recently switched from yellow gold to white gold/silver toned jewelry; looks great! I also recently made this switch. Love from Virginia ♥

  11. Urbanist: Exploring Cities

    This is truly wonderful, going on solo-dates in NYC is the best 👏 You make a great point that it’s best to savor the beauty of your own company. I also love the indie music you use in your videos!

  12. Chase Johnson

    I have no clue how deep your knowledge of art history is, but it really helps me to appreciate art more! If you haven't learned much about art history, I recommend an intro course 🙂

  13. Claudia Hi

    i love this idea of taking myself on a date. Because i feel like i'm allowed to spend in little things that i wouldn't never spend on myself in a regulary basis. Like buying flowers or going to a restaurant alone. It seem surreal haha Thanks for sharing this idea with us ♥

  14. Beltran Village

    4:58 that bookstore appears in gossip girl, when serena goes to visit her brother at the center where he is hospitalized and chuck follows her in a limousine =)

  15. Anna Goldman

    ‘’Courage taught me no matter how bad a crisis gets … any sound investment will eventually pay off." — Carlos Slim Helu

  16. Yuan Q.

    Oh all the times I've been to NY I still have not gone to the Met which I need to do now after watching this!!!

  17. Rosemary Williams

    Never have I done this in the past 12years. Your so right I need to be independent and not wait around on people to do things I want to do. Moving back to San Francisco for work and I hope I start doing this too.


    There will come a time when you can't go back to a relationship. This is so not because you can't, you just need to be alone. It is sublime to avoid the problems- the fights, the control issues, the things you just don't want to do…

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