WEEK IN MY LIFE: meeting my celeb crush + bridesmaid fittings

In this video I talk about my experience meeting Paul Wesley, traveling to Atlanta to take a Stranger Things tour, having my bridesmaids try on their dresses & birthday celebrations. ENJOY 🙂


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35 Replies to “WEEK IN MY LIFE: meeting my celeb crush + bridesmaid fittings”

  1. Ema Paulauskaitė

    I wanted to say that I would love to have your life, but then I realised that we don't see everything so I'll just say that everything that I saw in this vlog is amazing. New York, friends, parks, going out. Love it!

  2. Alessandra Sagastegui

    I would die if I got to meet Stefan!! The vampire diaries is my favorite show too!! So happy for you ❤️❤️

  3. Emily Lai

    Your makeup at the beginning is so so gorgeous!!! I’m so happy you met your celebrity crush! My celebrity crush is Tom Hiddleston and I hope I get to meet you some day too!!! 🥰🥰🥰

  4. Marie-Joëlle Champagne

    Girl we want more life stories like this!!! I was laughing so hard, but girl I relate, I remember meeting my favourite hockey player, I needed some air LOL!

  5. Ilva Toska

    I knowwhat you mean. I was so lucky to have met a few players of my national team and I had a worse reaction: I couldn't speak, I was shaking and my whole face hurt from all the smiling. I looked like a creep- but those are my fave photos I've ever posted

  6. Celeste Navarro

    Once when i was visiting New York with friends, we spotted Chase Crawford like 5 feet away and froze up for a good 10 minutes. Then we followed him for like 5 blocks and once he finally stopped we all chickened out and ran away!! lmao so girl you are doing way better than me let me tell you! hahaha

  7. Madison Cole

    I live in georgia so whenever I’m close to a filming location for the vampire diaries or stranger things, I try to go to it!!

  8. Steffi Schwarz

    I feel that Carrie is THE REASON why all of you are where you are and are such good friends :-).
    She is the common denominator.

  9. x_Maria_x

    Oh god that's so cool for you. Your also one of two Youtubers that I've been following for years and yes I found you through you TVD get the look videos 😍

  10. Hannah Ella

    I’m not even a fan of Vampire Diaries (haven’t watched it), but I really enjoyed your story telling! And loved the whole vlog ☺️

  11. linndyz

    Loveeee this storytime and seeing you so excited. I think I would pass out if I would see anyone from the show, but especially one of the salvatore brothers holy shit. So happy for you ❤

  12. Cinthia Cortazar

    OMGGG I totally get you! I’m such a huge fan of the originals and a few months ago I was at magic kingdom and I saw CHARLES MICHAEL DAVIS (marcel) and I didn’t want to bother him cause he was there with his gf, so I didn’t even say hi and I’ll regret it forever!!!! 😭😭

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