Come Thrifting With Us & Thrift Haul

It’s been a hot second since I last thrifted so I went exploring in Brooklyn with Jenny from Wear I Live to find some new pieces for the summer💙
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47 Replies to “Come Thrifting With Us & Thrift Haul”

  1. Sarah Silvester

    watching some of your old thrifting videos was how i found your channel and i'm soglad i did back last summer bc you make my favorite content!!

  2. Averee Anastasia

    how do you always find such cute pieces?! everytime I try to go thrifting I literally find nothing haha

  3. Bahtaflii

    Hi, came by to say that I LOVE your ideas, your style, and your entirety. Thank you for always sharing little snipits of your life, you're so inspirational. Every time you upload it makes me want to achieve my goals (moving away after I graduate college) and be happier! <3

  4. Cabrini Martinez

    there was literally nothing wrong with those baby blue checkered shorts.. they were very vintage 50s and the fit was as well.

  5. Mia Juarez


    It was so cute, big mistake

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