I Went Shopping Without Checking The Prices…

So I went shopping without checking the prices.. this is what happened. SUBSCRIBE for more:

alright so I realize it’s pretty ridiculous of me to go shopping without checking the prices, and it’s not something I typically do- I just thought it would be a fun novelty for this video, BUT I wanted to giveaway a shopping spree for one of you!

what you need to do:
-comment your fave store you’d like to receive a gift card to and your instagram handle (this is how I will notify the winner)
-subscribe to my channel
-follow me on instagram @MonicaChurch

-Winner will receive a $700 gift card to the store of their choice. -Winner will be picked October 28th (one month from today) and announced via instagram story (they will be notified by me through instagram DM)

– – – – – – – – – – – – – –
products mentioned!

Aritzia Slip Dress:
Aritzia Denim Forum Short:
Aritzia Cross Front:
Aritzia Sculpt Knit Tank:
Aritzia Bralette:
Topshop Utility Dress:
Topshop Romper: no longer available
Prada Heels:

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38 Replies to “I Went Shopping Without Checking The Prices…”

  1. Anna Jellyfish

    fave store: aritizia
    insta: aannaafreeman

    literally have been eyeing a dress from aritizia for the longest time but didnt want to get it because of the price


    Hey girl! Would love love love to win a gift card to Nordstrom! As silly as it sounds, I’ve always wanted to buy a $100-$200 range of GOOD jeans. I’ve always dreamt of a nice pair of jeans. I love fashion and I think I do really well with what I have but I would love to add some more mature staple pieces to my wardrobe. Regardless of if I win or not, your content is really unique and awesome and I appreciate that you’ve matured throughout the years yet still remained you. Also this giveaway is crazy generous of you and it’s awesome to see. Keep being you girl 💕 also my Instagram handle is @stephanie_lynn_13

  3. Sarah Bradshaw

    favorite store: asos
    instagram: @sarahbbradshaw

    loveddd the video idea! it really is so important to love how you feel in a piece rather than prioritizing cost or brand, etc. I haven't gone shopping, in a minute, but I would so love to update my winter wardrobe! looove your videos and thanks for doing such a generous giveaway

  4. Corina Vasile

    my favorite store❤️: Pacsun

    keep up the good work monica!
    I’m in need of clothes since me and my family might move in the future so we need to save our money on that(surviving in a hoodie and costco leggings).😂 no christmas for me!Amazing how you’re giving back to your subscribers. I wish everyone luck!😂😂✨✨💝
    xoxo 💫

  5. Christina Kruszewska

    Store: Nasty Gal
    Insta: c_kruszewska
    Literally the only store I can find pants in because I am the Jolly Green Giant

  6. Allyson Pigmon

    Insta: @_allyrachelle
    Store: MadeWell or Anthropologie

    I started watching your videos when I came across your travel blogs and looooove how highly honest you are as a YouTuber! This video reveals that even more! Keep doin your thing!!!! It’s inspiring! 🤩

  7. Keana Rousseau

    Store: Zara!
    IG: keanar

    I would love to win this since zara is a store that is for kids women and men! Would use it for any occasion! Also love their clothing✨

  8. Annie M

    Store: Urban outfitters
    Insta: annie_maurer1

    I just graduated college and moved into my first apartment. I've had a couple dream furniture pieces in my cart, but can't get myself to splurge on them. Literally every time I go shopping, I think about how great it would be to purchase everything I wanted no matter the price. Its just not in the cards for me 🙁

  9. Lily Terrell

    Store: Amazon or Target because I can get fun AND practical stuff (love being an adult)
    Insta: lilyterrell

    Genuinely wish I could do this but I just started supporting myself fully and cringe even buying groceries

  10. Wiktoria Staroszczyk

    Insta :@infinite.19_

    Interesting to see comparable prices of often replica items as chains stores often produce

  11. Shellie Brewer

    This is so hard to decide but I will go with Target I have two kids and disabled so at target I can share the card with my daughter who is five and son 18 and my mom also! This would be like a dream for me / family but never ever a winner so not counting on it but it’s nice to sit back and dream about it and have a little hope!

  12. Maria Soto

    Forever 21 !!! ✨✨.
    I love you girl ♥️ keep loving yourself !! I hope you doing good emotionally from your last relationship, If i win I would love to go shopping with you!!!! ♥️😘

  13. Kaleni Gabino

    nordstrom or urban outfitters

    good luck to everyone and i’m really happy that i found a youtuber that’s from seattle as well

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