Come Thrifting With Me in Tokyo, Japan + Try On Haul!

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It’s been a little while but here’s another thrifting video this time in Tokyo, Japan!!!! In this vlog, I take you around to some incredible thrift stores in Tokyo and show you what I got! Stay tuned for a Tokyo vlog coming soon 😉

Shirt I’m Wearing During the Haul:
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My filming equipment:
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27 Replies to “Come Thrifting With Me in Tokyo, Japan + Try On Haul!”

  1. Amber G.Taylor

    That red silky shirt looks so good on you 😍 such a versatile piece too

    P.s. I make videos too if you’re interested x

  2. Mareeen14

    LOVE that white blouse 😍 And personally I don’t think it’s too wide for you? I think it fits you perfectly 🙂

  3. is that a chicken?

    Elena feeling extra tall for 10 minutes straight 😂😂

    Also, I wear mismatched socks without having travelled anywhere so😂😂💔

    I can't wait to go thrifting🤕

  4. graceface

    Omg I'm going to Tokyo tomorrow, this video makes me so excited to thrift!! What was the name of that last store you went to? 😍

  5. Alice Giuditta

    That silky button-down on you is SOMETHING. ELSE. Like magic swirled all around you when you put that on. That was WOW.

  6. style revivalist

    Elena, please add link detail to the disk necklace you are wearing when filming back home. Many thanks.

  7. sica starr

    You don't even have to DIY the shirt! Just google 'clips to make shirts tighter' and go to the shopping tag and you'll see lots of really pretty clips to cinch in shirts that are too big! Stylish and a life saver!

  8. Chi Le

    What a coincidence! I just returned from a trip to Japan and imo, Shimokitazawa is way better than the Haight-Ashbury in SF. The Haight has stuff older than 1960s and more American denim, but it's not nearly as curated as Shimokita. Shimokita has tons of 1980s secretary blouses, Burberry coats, cashmere, and shoes in beautiful condition.

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