I Went To Japan! | Travel Vlog

So excited to share this trip with you guys! My sister and I took our parents to Tokyo in September. It was their first time visiting another country, and it was such a great time that we got to spend together. We visited all of the tourist spots as well as some of the not so touristy spots. Hope you enjoy this! – Ashley

51 Replies to “I Went To Japan! | Travel Vlog”

  1. Koha koko #

    Awwwww hope u guys had a lovely trip in japan 💓
    Hope I was able to meet you🌈
    Love from japan ❤️

  2. SEIYA TraveLife

    Welcome to Japan! It seems you really enjoyed staying. As a Japanese, I’m happy to know some foreigner promote Japan in this way:) Thank you

  3. The Scientist PH

    Wow your travel is great and your videos are awesome. Keep uploading japan ventures. I also have mine

  4. it's me kiki

    thanks for visiting Tokyo! I hope i take my parents to the states someday. *my dad have never been to main land
    so proud of you guys 🙂

  5. The Jewpanese Samurai

    Awesome video! I hope to get to this level one day with my vlog…thank you so much for sharing!!

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