Pocket-Sized Tiny House with Main Floor Capsule Bedroom | FULL TOUR

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The Yewnicorn tiny house was built by Rudy Triller on a used gooseneck trailer* which allowed him to put a bedroom only a couple of steps up from the main floor which we really liked because it eliminated the need for a ladder and a loft.

*For anyone considering a used trailer for a tiny house build, please do your research to ensure that you know it’s weight limit and that it meets all safety regulations to make it road worthy (for example we’ve heard that having brakes on a tiny house trailer is a must to make towing much safer).

We spent 3 night staying in this tiny house and it was super cozy, and really fun to try a different style of tiny house. A special thank you to our hosts for their warm welcome!

If you’d like to stay in the Yewnicorn tiny house, you can check it out on Airbnb here:

This micro cabin on wheels is 22.5 feet long including the gooseneck at the front and covered porch at the back. It has a full bathroom with a urine diversion toilet, stall shower, and space saving sink.

The kitchen has a 2-burner propane stove, a bar fridge, full-sized sink, and some counter space with an additional triangle-shaped cutting board that comes in handy!

The bedroom is mostly enclosed but it didn’t feel claustrophobic because of the high ceiling, the window, and the large doorway at the head of the bed.

This size of tiny house would probably be best for 1 person over a longer period of time if only because there isn’t much storage, and it can be a bit of a pain to crawl over someone to get out of bed (but that would likely also happen in a loft depending on the orientation of the mattress).

Thanks for watching!

Mat & Danielle


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41 Replies to “Pocket-Sized Tiny House with Main Floor Capsule Bedroom | FULL TOUR”

  1. Misty Spring

    I really like the rustic feel of this Tiny Home. Floor plan is pretty nice. Where are the clothes stored?

  2. Beth Merryfield

    What a beautiful home. I like the bed niche. Bedrooms are so overrated. One only sleeps or has nookie in there.

  3. Beth Merryfield

    Ohhhhhh! I just noticed the pallets being used as deck rails. Love reusing, reducing and recycling! !!!

  4. Terreos

    That bedroom is not elder friendly at all. No room to walk around the bed. So a bit too small. Other that it’s pretty space efficient.

  5. cheryl lakin

    No room for clothes, OR my guitars! Oh well. Pretty, but claustrophobic. Beautiful woodwork though 😁

  6. Not You

    I would have put head area of bed on the other end, I wouldn't want my feet tracking across where my head is lying.

  7. Pdlovesanimals

    This is a beautiful tiny house, but I didn’t see anywhere for clothing storage. Even if staying for just a weekend, you’d have clothes & other things like toiletries.

  8. John Brightleaf

    This really makes me want a mega house. I've always wanted to go mega, like a cathedral with echoes and a 40×20 kitchen….full plumbing for me too and the bathroom on the opposite side of the house from the kitchen if in the house at all! What if guests come and where are one's helpers supposed to sleep?

  9. Aunt Chevy

    I absolutely LOVE the interior of this tiny house!! I The whole thing is enchanting and the location, WONDERFUL !!!

  10. SNOOP U 2

    Pretty much if the weather is good I think most of my time would be spent out side. I would just be using the inside to sleep and cook.

  11. Trump 2020

    Only suggestion would to put a futon type bed in place of the regular bed. This way you could turn the bedroom into a TV room by day and bedroom by night.

  12. Eu dou o cu Cu

    😱 wow Ooooh my …is very cute …👏👏 im from Brazil👍 my name is Isa😂❤…welcome👍👍👍I loved your very talented project 👏👏👏👏👏👌😍❤❤

  13. Edward Scoble

    Can you please make your content accessible by having closed captioning? the auto captioning make it very hard to follow.

  14. Fishtravels

    Thanks guys! Anymore info on the part where you replace the 'front door' to put in an insert with a stove??? Thank you, appreciate it as I design my own Tiny House. Cheers.

  15. Anne Sweeney

    This has to be my favorite tiny home … I want to see the insert … hopefully you can see the fire burning how super cute

  16. Mame McKee

    Exploring Alternatives, I love the variety you bring. Thanks for your effort. Like this bedroom-setting.

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