a winter thrift haul & try on

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Hey friends! I’m back with another thrift video! Here are some fun pieces I’ve been wearing and layering as it gets chillier here in NYC. I did some online thrifting and picked up some pieces from stores here in the city!

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29 Replies to “a winter thrift haul & try on”

  1. Angelica Bautista

    This actually made me miss your What California College Students are Wearing! Time passed by really fast 😞 love you!

  2. Jo.Mary

    Hi Elena, if you want to find out more about the meaning of the grey t-shirt, i'd recommend reading "In the distance" by Hernán Diaz! I'm sure you'll enjoy it, it's an amazing book. Also loving the Wrangler Jeans 🙂

  3. Carolina Pinglo

    Love that you are doing another thrift haul ! That’s how I found your channel forever ago ! I’ve tried to get into thread up but I find the prices a bit expensive compared to an actual thrift store. I shop a lot on Etsy for vintage pieces that tend to be more expensive but I can justify it because it’s from the 50-60s (the time eras I look for) But it’s hard for me to pay $25 for a second hand top from Zara when at the thrift store it would be $7-$9. Either way I love that you brought this video back ! I would love to see a thrifted winter lookbook that would be so fun ! 😊

  4. Sara Boshut

    THE JACKETS ARE GOOOORGEOUS! and fashion content is always much fun and you should definitely keep them coming 🙂 vlogs are also greet! xxx

  5. Jody Armstrong

    your hair looks amazing in this video… color, texture, just wow! also, you look thinner, if that's even possible… hope you're doing okay. xo

  6. AllThatIsAlex

    Would love to see the process of how u find the stuff on thredup! The site makes it pretty hard to find cute stuff, love ur thrifting videos!!!

  7. Claudia Frantz

    I loved this video, I feel like your personality really was the star. Keep making videos that bring you joy!!

  8. Paola Diego

    Okay… Like.. I LOVE your wranglers. But I have the same jeans, here in my country cost 1 dólar. And It just feel my heart hurting wjen heard $150 😭 but at the same time, I get It. It's new York and clothes has a different value there. even second hand clothes.

  9. Toby Thomas

    Liz Claiborne is pronounced clay-born, not Claire-born. Just an FYI. Not trying to be a jerk, just a gentle correction 😉

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